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Recently on Offworld, One More Go columnist Margaret Robertson looked at Capcom's massively misunderstood ball-bruising brawler God Hand and what it means to have a game that -- instead of getting harder the worse you are at it -- gets harder the more you master it, and easier the more you fail to do so. We also took a lengthy look at the reactive and playable poetry of Daniel Benmergui's Today I Die, a fascinating bite-sized reduction of open world and meaningful-consequence design challenges taken on by bigger games like Far Cry 2 shrunk down to one delicate little 10 minute experience. Elsewhere we saw Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Justice, Mr. Oizo and more make their way into LittleBigPlanet, marveled at Pac-Man and Berzerk geo-physical graffiti, saw one man's attempt to bring Hieronymus Bosch to the Game Boy, and were taken a bit by surprise at how well Hand Circus's Rolando iPhone sequel is shaping up after watching its first trailer. Finally, Japan's ultra-hipster game/culture shop Meteor put up the nearly 60 pieces from this year's artist/designer-imagined 8-bit retro games exhibit Famicase, including Hawken King's ultra-subtle Bush Jr above, and the day's 'one shot's: real-life Mirror's Edge and David Mauro's hand painted MegaMan-as-Greek-theater pixel mural.

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