Music Video: DeGarmo & Key "666"

When I was a fundie pup, this sort of Christian pop music was strictly verboten. "Be in the world, not of it" was taken a little too literally. My parents saved me from the Floppies of the Beast. Interestingly:
DeGarmo & Key were the first Christian group to have a music video appear on MTV. The original video for the song "Six, Six, Six" was one of a number of videos that MTV pulled from rotation due to violent content. The purge was a public reaction to the U.S. Senate hearings on sex and violence in music. MTV had ironically misinterpreted the song "Six, Six, Six" as an anti-Christian statement. According to industry news reports at the time, MTV exec Sandra Sparrow was unaware that DeGarmo & Key were a Christian band when she included the video in a list of videos to be excised. An embarrassed MTV allowed DeGarmo & Key to submit a re-edited version, which was placed back into rotation. Removed from the re-edited video was a short scene of a man representing the Antichrist being set on fire.
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7 Responses to Music Video: DeGarmo & Key "666"

  1. O_M says:

    …Guess the Cowsills’ Prophesy of Daniel & John the Babtist (Six-Six-Six) is out of the question on Empty-Vee, then?

  2. TheRev says:

    Wow… I too forgot about these guys, I never saw the video, but as soon as the music started I remembered it well. There were some interesting 80s X-tian bands.

  3. Neslock says:

    I actually saw these guys in concert back in about 1987, I’d almost forgotten about them till I saw this post.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Warning: Horrible add follows video!

  5. Anonymous says:

    maybe “they” just watched “they live” and decided Jesus was the answer to these aliens who want to create a new world order?

  6. Anonymous says:

    oops, i just went to imdb and “they live”
    didn’t come out till 1988!! wow, did “they” steal this?

  7. kossmikman says:

    The morale: don’t just throw things out through the window when you want to dispose of it.

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