Video: Making music with iPod Touch and Nintendo DS

While the ambient music this man is making with his gear isn't exactly the most musically or technically compelling, it is still interesting to note that this is the future we're living in, where half-a-dozen inexpensive (soon to be nearly disposable) gadgets can be easily wired together into a touch-sensitive music generation assembly. [via Technabob | GearCrave | 2DayBlog]
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  1. artbot says:

    As the owner of but one of these “instruments” (the kaosillator), I’d say this kind of music is often more fun to create than it is to listen to. That’s not really a criticism, as these are really fun to mess with. Not every creation needs to be album- or soundtrack-worthy.

    I’ve always compared musical creation like this to Jackson Pollack paintings: Okay to look at, but way more fun to make.

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