Disturbing lack of gold plastic trim in pyramid-shaped computer

Now, a computer in the shape of a pyramid is a good idea. Though I always imagined something minimalist—simple brushed metal, or a bit like the old Cube G4 Macs—this sort of thing has always carried a high probability of photoshop lens flare. Scimitar Computers does not disappoint. But where is the painting of an Eye of Horus? For $400, I want a mouse in the shape of a sphinx thrown in. Pyramid-shaped Computer Case [Etsy via technabob]

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3 Responses to Disturbing lack of gold plastic trim in pyramid-shaped computer

  1. GeekMan says:

    It comes with a deactivated, desiccated SPARC processor buried deep inside.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    “Ancient spirits of evil…”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Heck, you buy one of my machines and I promise that I will transform a MS laser mouse into a sphinx and throw that in. The Eye of Horus probably won’t work but when I get around to doing the Giza edition, I’ll likely do that.


    Jotham McMillan, founder of Scimitar Computers

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