His & Hers flashy, LED wedding gear

As if setting your first dance to an Aerosmith ballad wasn't magical enough. Nothing says "white wedding" more than 300 white LEDS. Unless you program your dress to literally say "white wedding" or whatever.
Why tell your in-laws you're made of money, when you can show them? Of course, some grooms may prefer to go with something a bit more subtle. [via enlighted]
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4 Responses to His & Hers flashy, LED wedding gear

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does the bit-more-subtle “groom” have breasts?

  2. celia says:

    I’m more concerned as to why there is not a shirt worn with that suit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As someone who once intertwined a string of xmas lights with a feather boa, I can totally get behind those dresses.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can imagine the bridezilla looming over the groom:

    We Will Dance Aerosmith.
    We Will Do A Dozen Side To Side Passes.
    We Will Practice For Months So You Don’t Embarass Me.
    Oh, And When You Dip Me In The Middle Of The Song, My Beautiful Dress Will Sparkle Like A Starry Night In Princessland.

    And you will like it.

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