LED toothbrush for looking deep inside your mouth

Can LED lighting really prevent cavities? This toothbrush by Toyo Living has a LED lightbulb in the center so that you can investigate the deepest crevices in your teeth while brushing and (allegedly) keeping your mouth germ-free. It comes with a proprietary toothpaste with translucent properties that let the light shine through it. It goes on sale in mid-May, Japan only, for about $60. I kinda want one, but not for $60. Press release via Impress Watch]

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3 Responses to LED toothbrush for looking deep inside your mouth

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great! now when you throw out your toothbrush, you’ll be tossing out electrical parts into the garbage also.

    just what mother earth ordered

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sneakers with lights in them already demonstrated the profound depths of consumer inanity. Pass.

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