Stackable, reconfigurable LED block lamp

stack leds.jpg
The TwistTogether lamp is comprised of four LED blocks that can be rearranged in a myriad of ways. Dwell called it the "Legos of the lighting world." Nuff said. [$104 via Design Public]
stack leds 2.jpg
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2 Responses to Stackable, reconfigurable LED block lamp

  1. randalll says:

    Isn’t this more of a night-light than a lamp? Judging by the pictures, the room is still pretty dark.

    I’m afraid I would still be vulnerable to the night-monsters with this product in my room.

  2. pomegranate says:

    Thankfully I’ve managed to start growing out of grammar pedantry lately, but,

    GAH, “LEGOS” !!

    It’s “Lego”… singular and plural.

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