Cardboard Animal Trophies, for the big game hunter who prefers to mail-order

Cardboard Safari makes laser-cut cardboard animal head trophies suitable for wall-mounting, each available for $52 (plus shipping). They're made from recycled cardboard. I'd proudly display any one of them on my wall, but I'd only feel most ethically in the clear if I dressed and skinned my own boxes. [via Animal]
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4 Responses to Cardboard Animal Trophies, for the big game hunter who prefers to mail-order

  1. O_M says:

    …I listed these as a Gift Idea on OMBlog a couple of Chrisnukkahs back. The moose sadly needs a squirrel to make a matched set, tho.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m finally going to get these. I have had sheets of loose leaf paper up on the wall as placeholders for months. Visitors keep asking what the sheets of paper are for. And it’s pretty hard to imagine a cardboard animal head. (“Trust me, it looks good…”)

  3. karrock says:

    Haha!! I would SO love to rock one of these on my wall, but $52 plus shipping?? Really?? Are they trying to pay off the laser cutter right away, or what?

    P.S. — AND TAX!! Damn them for being in VA… $60.10 my ass!

  4. karrock says:

    TOTALLY digging the glowy red mouseover BTW! :D

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