Back Dorm Boys: the lesser-known hits

The Hou She Boys (aka Back Dorm Boys) hit it big in 2006 with their lip sync to "I want It That Way". Wei Wei and Huang Yixin, students at Guangzhou College of Fine Arts, went on to star in a commercial for Pepsi, and become national celebrities. What I never realized is just how prolific they were, both in English and their native tongue. Here's one of my favorite videos. More after the jump... We Will Rock You 后舍男生 京劇 (Boys homes after opera) Merry Christmas One word: eyelids. 後舍男生第五部-不得不愛 (Part V, after the boys homes - have to love) The Perfect Day Get Down Radio In My Head Fairytale Love's Encouragement Bloopers!
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  1. O_M says:

    …After viewing this, I will *NEVER* rag on the Monkees again.

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