Ode to Richard "Data" Wang, master-tinkerer & goonie

Nevermind that the character's frequent technical malfunctions -- or actor Jonathan Ke Quan's accent -- were used as comic relief. When I force my children to watch Goonies, I'm going to make sure they appreciate Data's ingenuity and drive to invent.
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4 Responses to Ode to Richard "Data" Wang, master-tinkerer & goonie

  1. dculberson says:

    Sloth love chunk!

  2. pork musket says:

    That’s what I said, booby traps

  3. Cowtown2 says:

    That movie just makes me happy.

  4. LeSinge says:

    I have to say, watching the clips out of context, his inventions actually seem to work pretty well. And growing up with the Goonies (I was born in 79 and this is probably one of my favorite movies), it never gave me a negative bias toward Asians. I mean, in the end Data is never made fun or put down because of his race or the way he talks (aside from the “booty trap” lines).

    I should make a “I’m setting booty traps” shirt with Data’s pic on it.

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