Video: Light Art Performance Photography

If you wonder if I sit at my desk and talk to myself, you may be like to know that I just started watching this video and said, aloud, "Ho-lee shit." Porter, the dog, shrugged. The video is a collection of stills from a group called "Light Art Performance Photography" who use LEDs, lasers, illuminated body suits, sparkers, and sheer pluck to make these wonderful long-exposure photographs. Just tremendous. [via HackNMod]
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2 Responses to Video: Light Art Performance Photography

  1. HarshLanguage says:

    Very cool stuff. They look like they are straight out of a (good) sci-fi movie!

    I went to the site hoping to quickly grab some of the still images for desktop wallpaper, but it’s an unspeakable Flash monstrosity. You CAN download the photos eventually, however. Use the top-center menu to pick one of the LAPP albums. Then click a thumbnail in the bottom menu (which is unfortunately constantly scrolling and almost entirely obscured until after you click on it once). Then click the little icon in the upper-left corner of the displayed image. This will open a new window/tab with the image as a normal JPG.

  2. mr.skeleton says:

    My mind goes to the new Tron movie. I hope they do some really innovative visual stuff, simulating these sorts of effects.

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