Asus T91 netbook battery not replaceable

The FCC has Asus' new netbook in, and JKKMobile spotted it. Inside is GPS, mobile internet, and a nonremovable battery.
And yes, non removable battery.. BAD Asus BAD!
For big laptops, I don't care about battery replacement, because the one that comes with it will last long enough to make stripping the machine down acceptable. But people swap batteries out on lightweights every day-- the batteries are often so small and light it's no trouble to bring an extra one--or buy massive aftermarket 13000mAH ones so it can calculate weather patterns all day. Application 391202 [FCC via JKK]

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6 Responses to Asus T91 netbook battery not replaceable

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Not cool.
    Although there will be lots for salvage and hacking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Asus sucks, has always sucked, and will continue to suck. Poor support, bad driver set, worthless web site, and badly designed products. Please do us all a favor, and ignore them so maybe one day they will go away.

  3. Daniel76 says:

    Regarding ASUS, many people believes that this brand gives much for the money.

  4. sworm says:

    I once bought an ASUS.

    Never more. Crap^9

  5. phisrow says:

    Sorry Asus, this is just one of those things that only Apple is allowed to do and get away with. Just like shipping crap mice and massively controlling drm.

  6. ToolShedUK says:

    Really? What is this? Texas Instruments in 1993?

    I can’t even believe big laptops would consider doing irreplaceable batteries in this day and age.

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