MECO plays "hide the home theater PC"

The MECO home entertainment computer from Pearing Systems is not cheap—custom configurations with Blu-ray, DVR, and full-blown audio solutions will run you into the thousands of dollars—but I appreciate their attempt at integration into home decor. The veneered coffee table chassis is fairly attractive and generic enough to match most living rooms. (Right there, yes, with the wine on it. That's the computer.) The systems are built entirely on Vista, which may or may not be a tick in your "For" column. But I've got to give them credit where it's due: at least they're trying to make the computer invisible.
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4 Responses to MECO plays "hide the home theater PC"

  1. jjasper says:

    If I have to see that frigging laisair lounge chair *one more time* as an example of “modern” design, I’m going to take Le Corbusier from the grave and shoot him.

    No, seriously. This whole living room, looks like it’d be in the back of Cameron’s house in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.

  2. dculberson says:

    “Modern” nowadays does seem to mean “20th century.” (As in, 1910 through 1965 or so.)

  3. Rob Beschizza says:


  4. Gronk says:

    Yep. You know, “modern” was that quaint thing that came before “postmodern”, and that was before things got all deconstructivated and what not, and in between we were “post-postmodern”, and, anyway, modern was when I was still a young hopper and, you know, sorry, I tend to ramble, now where was I?

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