Clever box from LeapFrog grabs parents' attention, not kids'

LeapFrog sent me their new Text & Learn kids PDA. God knows why—I pushed the buttons a few times, then started to cry when the pixel puppy began to judge me. I will push the buttons when I want to, dog, not when you command me from your bubblebath. Here is a new lesson: I am a human and you are a dog. Now let me in that bubblebath. But I love their box, with its horror movie font and the ruined real PDA (looks like a Palm). It's not anything that kids will care about, but it should grab parents' attention long enough to get them to open up the front flap to find the Text & Learn inside. Update: Here's Gearlog's review by a five-year-old.
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2 Responses to Clever box from LeapFrog grabs parents' attention, not kids'

  1. Dean Putney says:

    What the devil are you talking about? None of this made sense.

  2. Jim says:

    I gave up on Leapfrog when we bought a device (Mindspring) that required you to log onto a website to use it. Then Leapfrog decided to discontinue the Mindspring, then deleted the website for it, thereby bricking it.

    The Mindspring is still for at various places online, including Amazon, so watch out.

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