"Pet Spa," an automated dog-washing unit

Dog-o-Matic Washes Your Dog, Traumatizes Them For Life [Oh Gizmo]

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23 Responses to "Pet Spa," an automated dog-washing unit

  1. redteam says:

    The cat loves it – look at him jumping for joy!

  2. ted mills says:

    So that’s what Dieter from Sprockets has been up to.

  3. Mac says:

    Washing a cat is simple without any special equipment.

    You just have put the cat in, add some shampoo, hold down the lid and press ‘Flush’ ….


  4. Nathan says:

    We tried something like this once a couple of years ago at a pet store called Lots of Pets in La Crescenta, CA. Our golden retriever didn’t seem to mind it TOO much, but we ended up alternating between giving her baths ourselves (she’s very good) and taking her to a professional groomer.

    After our initial experience with the automated dog washer, when we kept going back it was always broken. I’m not sure which vendor they got it from, but one of the employees told us that the machine was very expensive, and it had been broken for so long they were considering a lawsuit against the vendor.

    It’s a neat idea, but I think ultimately the old fashioned way is best.

  5. edgore says:

    I have no doubt that this device will allow us to get the information we need from these animals before the ticking time-bomb runs out.

  6. rick386 says:

    i laughed my ass off particularly because i said to my daughter while watching the dog get washed that a cat would flip out in there. next scene….
    and yeah, i’ve had cats that have occasionally needed a bath and they are a battle. the machine sounds like a good way to keep your skin. hell, i’d put someone else’s cat in there just for the laughs. but i wouldn’t do it to my own, it seems kinda mean if it ain’t necessary.

  7. dogomatic says:

    Hi to all,

    I didn’t create that cabin (spanish company) but the concept which is a dog washing place where pet’s owner can wash them easily without dirtying their bathroom.
    The automatic cabin takes the concept of a water jets shower obviously softer than for humans (nothing is turning inside the washing space for people which were thinking this). Shampoo is similar of a shampoo for baby adapted to dogs and cats (doesn’t hurt eyes and hears).
    In case of dog’s panic, owners can push the stop button or open the door. Like that cycle is stopping and restart when you close the door or release stop button. After washing something like 50 dogs in 7 opening weeks, I’ve never see problems with dogs. Even if I get the case, owners can finish to wash or dry their pet themselves with the manual washing cabin.
    Have you ever wash a dog which doesn’t want to be wash…it’s almost impossible. The advantage of this kind of cabin comparing the manual one is because you don’t have human intervention, the dog quiet by himself. I saw a lot of dogs very cool inside the cabin and that was surprising the owner because they said to me that it was a pain to wash them by hand.
    Please have a look of the video of my website: http://www.dogomatic.fr/video.htm
    I love cats and dogs and believe me that I couldn’t hurt them in anyway.

  8. jimkirk says:

    Where are Wallace & Gromit when you need them?

  9. stuiethegod says:

    why is that animal abuse? I mean, I get that they probably don’t like it, but how is it worse then washing them any other way. IDK, have you ever tried to wash a cat? it’s not an easy task…

  10. toggle says:

    now if they were to make a shower to wash French people–that would be a REAL breakthrough.

  11. CineRik says:

    @Mindpowered – Go with a tomato bath for that

  12. Anonymous says:

    Waterboarding for pets… the latest from Dick Cheney to keep America safe! It’s the only way to know if a terrorist is be hiding behind that cute, cuddly exterior!

  13. CineRik says:

    Isolating the animal in an environment which is causing it a high level of stress, possibly inducing a fear of drowning… The poor thing was terrified.

    Oh, and cats are, as long as they are healthy and not exposed to something weird, like being covered in flour, pretty much self-cleaning. The only time I’ve ever had to augment their cleaning regime was when one of mine managed to get gloss paint in his fur. Then it was out with the scissors, combined with reassuring noises.

  14. Panopticadre says:

    I don’t feel very good…

  15. LambdaCalculus379 says:

    So who was watching Beavis and Butt-Head when they came up with this? If anyone remembers, in one episode, Beavis and Butt-Head washed Mr. Anderson’s poodle in a washing machine… eerily similar to the link above!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Do Not Want!!!

  17. Toplus says:

    This looks suspiciously similar to LavaKan (http://www.lavakan.cat/), which is around since 1999…

  18. bohbi says:

    stupid humans

  19. Mindpowered says:

    Or they tangle with a skunk.

    I would definitely drop my cat in there without hesitation if it came back smelling like it lost a battle with a skunk.

    (I say this after dealing with skunked cat on several occasions)

  20. thechicgeek says:

    I love how the dogs just sit there and take it. my dog, would bark the entire time he was in that ghastly contraption. I’m not sure if it was cruel to the cat or not. I think a few moments of terror is worth not getting your eyes gouged out by a furious cat. And I may be evil, but I laughed a bit at first. Than I cried.

  21. phisrow says:

    Least happy cat in history(this includes the tigers that were found bisected the other day).

  22. CineRik says:

    Whoever put their cat in that thing (let alone the dogs, although the guy who got in with his gets some props) needs to have their ability to own any animal revoked. If that isn’t animal abuse, I don’t know what is.

  23. JR says:

    We had a cat get into engine oil under an older PU truck, he was a mess. We did it in the kitchen sink, with elbow length welding gloves, and he was REALLY unhappy, but didn’t get violent.

    I think he took one swipe at the mess with his tongue, and said Yuck! I hope the two-legs can help with this mess!

    All’s well that ends well.

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