8Bitone, a chiptunes synth and sequencer for iPhone

Japanese developer Yudo will soon be releasing "8Bitone", an 8-bit chiptunes synthesizer for iPhone and iPod touch. No idea on the cost—most sequencers have been fairly expensive on the iPhone, in the $10-$20 range. I am fond of their title banner. [via GameSetWatch]
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6 Responses to 8Bitone, a chiptunes synth and sequencer for iPhone

  1. pork musket says:

    Um yeah I’m buying that

  2. jungleFish says:


    LOVE!! IT!!

  3. guy says:

    If it can play back other people’s chiptunes, I can pretty much dispose of my mp3 player.

  4. DAVE says:

    @guy, this is an application that runs on an mp3 player.

  5. imafuckingsnake says:

    blatently buying this

  6. Doctor Popular says:

    Hot damn, that’s awesome!

    I was wondering if anyone would port Nanoloop or LSDJ to the iPhone… This is pretty cool though. Definitely less abstract. I hope they have portamento though.

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