Behold! A USB 3.0 controller!

NEC is first to market with a USB 3.0 host controller, excitingly named µPD720200. It expects "rapid adoptions of the device," which is $15. USB 3.0 is long-awaited and much-needed, upping capacity to 5 gigabits per second (with 400 Megabytes per second of thoughput) and power supply to 900mA (over USB 2's 500mA). Expect the first products in 2010. NEC Electronics Introduces World's First USB 3.0 Host Controller [NEC via The Inquirer]

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4 Responses to Behold! A USB 3.0 controller!

  1. tp1024 says:

    Without any devices to talk to with it, it’s just the Useless Serial Bus in its third reincarnation.

  2. TJ S says:


    Are you saying that USB hasn’t proved useful? Either you’ve been under a rock for the last decade, or you’re a bigger cynic than all of us.

    Besides, there weren’t going to be any devices until host controllers came along. It’s a chicken-or-the-egg scenario.

  3. tp1024 says:

    TJ S: you forgot that, in order to be reincarnated, you have to die first. ;)

    The useless serial bus dies each time the devices come around.

  4. spazzm says:

    Awesome. Just as memory sticks are becoming so large that transferring the full capacity becomes tedious, this comes along.

    Can’t wait to go shopping for my 64 Gig, USB 3 memory stick.

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