Elephant Bottle Opener

This bottle opener by Georg Jensen is $20 at Urban Outfitters. [via The Laughing Squider via Der Swisser Misser]
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11 Responses to Elephant Bottle Opener

  1. Seth says:

    I bought this exact opener as made by Royal Copenhagen eleven years ago. Georg Jensen, shame on you. This version had a socket for twist- offs.

  2. PaulR says:


    That’s a half a bottle of good single-malt! Priorities people!

  3. pork musket says:

    That’s strange. I have an urge to rent some CNC time, slightly alter the shape, make a ton of these and sell them way cheaper. I wonder why?

  4. selfish says:

    is it because $20 to open a drink is just a *bit* much?

  5. nnguyen says:

    i don’t see how this is better than the bulldog bottle opener posted yesterday.

    my captcha: his penes

  6. txdesign says:

    It would be great if it was credit card thin so it could fit in my wallet. Then I would consider paying $20 for it. Whats the point of having it sit in your house when you need it on you?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got two, in SF, within the last 2 years, at a great store called ARCH. They were $3.50 each, and have the socket for twist-offs, too.

    I love these!

  8. dcb says:

    Reminds me of 16 Animali. Beautifully simplistic design, fantastically overpriced.


  9. pork musket says:

    That’s part of it. Also because Urban Outfitters likes to steal designs from independent artists and use them with attribution.

  10. devophill says:

    This has the twist-off socket, it’s just wiuldly overpriced.

  11. devophill says:

    Cricket Cola is the best soda ever. Srsly.

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