Music Video: Jonathan Coulton "The Future Soon"

From that hairy cyborg bastard Jonathan Coulton's spanking new concert DVD, "Best. Concert. Ever." Just $20, every dollar of which goes towards bionic laser eye research.
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4 Responses to Music Video: Jonathan Coulton "The Future Soon"

  1. KevinC says:

    I’ll second that, Awesome!!
    Really good stuff!

  2. Dean Putney says:

    That sounds like it’s going to be a pretty good DVD.

  3. Utopiana says:

    Very, very cool. Wil Wheaton talks all about this guy, but this is my first experience.

    *sigh* nerdgirl likes.

  4. Tim says:

    Awesome! JoCo is the best! What impresses me most about him is how he’s redefining the music business for an Internet-centric age. He’s found a solid niche of loyal fans and is making a good living by using the most cost-effective channels for reaching them and building a relationship. This is something you’ll never see from the mega-hit factories from the traditional recording studios.

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