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6 Responses to Pets

  1. philipb says:

    We had 1 in a school of over 1,200. Only the advanced math students were allowed to touch it so the likely hood of me getting a go were nil or less.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    It looks like that computer that the Enterprise crew brought down with them to the planet that looked exactly like Earth, but without clouds, and all the grownups got the blue-green herpes and the kids were all bonk-bonk on the head, bonk-bonk, bonk-bonk!

  3. Kevin Arthur says:

    Is that a real book or a Photoshop job? If it’s a book I want it. (Google was no help finding it.)

  4. O_M says:

    …We had a guy locally who would take PETs and upgrade them to C-64s. Required quite a bit of case modding, but at least you had a computer that *looked* like what we expected a computer to look like.

  5. CraziestGadgetsdotcom says:

    i remember these from elementary school. the school only had 1. later on we got a bunch of apple 2’s and played oregon trail. but early on, this was it. 1 computer, 500 kids. didn’t realize commodore made it.

  6. dargaud says:

    The first computer I ever used (besides TI programmable calculators) ! Was pretty popular in France because its name means ‘fart’.

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