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Gadget Lab rounds up those little utility-knife in a wallet products: Link

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3 Responses to Tweet (#1858526147)

  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    Most blogging is a link wrapped in three paragraphs of recapitulation. Sometimes that’s good, but if there’s nothing interesting to add beyond “+1 to that!” we figure it’s best to be as concise as possible. Hence the short post-format here.

    We even set it up so we can use twitter to post them! The main RSS feed doesn’t include them, but we’re about to have an alt called “The Firehose.”

  2. TJ S says:


    Like Slashdot’s Firehose?

  3. karrock says:

    What’s with the eensy, tiny-text one and two line posts? Great to have the entries, but they get very lost in the new BBG layout. First time I saw them, I thought they were comment highlights.

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