Video: Decommissioning a blast furnace

Haiko Hebig has video of the Ougrée blast furnace being decommissioned, shot by furnaceman Pierre Machiroux:
Shutting down a blast furnace in such a fashion that it can be restarted at a later point involves removing the liquid and solidified materials in the hearth of the furnace below the tap hole. This part of the furnace is called Sau (=sow) in German, le loup (=wolf) in French or salamander in English. Its liquid part gets tapped using a drill and an oxygen lance.
Hebig also has a clip of a roiling steam cloud enveloping the factory as they cooled the furnace shell.
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5 Responses to Video: Decommissioning a blast furnace

  1. SonOfMagicFact says:

    Liberal conspirators are salamanders. I should know. I am one. *salamander sounds*

  2. SonOfMagicFact says:

    Liberal conspirators are salamanders. I should know. I am one. *salamander sounds*

  3. Raketemensch says:

    It’s worth noting that the Salamander was the name of the fire trucks in Farenheit 451, and they all had salamanders on the sleeves of their uniforms.

    I wonder which came first….

  4. coop says:

    The word “salamander” has a long history when applied to fire and fire related things.

    I remember when, as a teenager in the 70’s, working on construction sites I came across the term ‘salamander’ applied to those giant propane fueled burners/heaters they used on the jobsite.

    I remember thinking that ‘dragon’ made better sense than ‘salamander’. I had to go to the library to look up the reference. Wikipedia is so much easier!

    Alas, conservapedia has no relevant article referencing salamanders.


  5. dculberson says:

    Salamanders are a liberal conspiracy.

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