Video: World's most awesome Steadicam operator performs the flying Segway dismount

Check out the skills and big swinging balls of this Steadicam operator as he rides a Segway at full tilt towards a Eurovision singer, then seamlessly dismounts onto stage. ProVideo Coalition has clips of the finished shot, too, which are totally worth sitting through the horrible Belarussian hair metal to see how it works out in front of a live audience. (Spoiler: It looks rad.)
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11 Responses to Video: World's most awesome Steadicam operator performs the flying Segway dismount

  1. akbar56 says:


    I think the Segway was “hacked” to run at full speed with no control. Watch the stage right after the camerman jumps off. Someone runs quick to grab the segway. Now granted, it could be because you need to not leave that sitting around the stage, but you could easily assume the unit was still running and needed to be turned off and removed.

  2. Dean Putney says:

    Wow! What a shot!

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    That’s some smooooth action. WOW indeed!

    Well done there, fellah.

  4. technogeek says:

    You know, if I saw that shot without having seen the rehearsal footage, I’d have presumed it was some flavor of post-production effects composited from multiple cameras.

    Just goes to show that stunt-men are insane and cameramen will do *anything* to get a good shot…

  5. akbar56 says:

    only “cool” use of a Segway ever?

  6. Zan says:

    On the current Segways the handlebar is completely passive. The unit is turned on and off via bluetooth. You push the stick to the left and right to steer, but you don’t need it to go in a straight line. If you just have the base, it will go forward just by leaning forward on it.

  7. freetardzero says:

    Dammit, now I have to go hang myself. So much for my camera-fu!

    On the other hand, I have been pushed off a stage by the lead singer of a famous Canadian band; yes, we will do anything for that good shot!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, i can only enjoy my Segway footage when accompanied by a healthy dose of faceplant.

  9. arikol says:

    I watched that awful competition (and made fun of it all the while). One thing i could not understand were those AMAZING shots. I spent time trying to figure out how they were done, immediately discarding this kind of approach as impossible (or close enough).

    That said, I think these shots were all done in rehearsals, then in the competition they were composited with the main cut. I assume this because they cut really fast to wide shots and no insane running man was visible.

    No matter how it was cut together, damn skillful dude, damn skillful editors. Set design was amazing and all technical details were great.

    Pity that all this excellence was wasted on that music.

  10. RedShirt77 says:

    perhaps I am ignorant, but…

    How is it the Segway seems to have no handlebar?

    he runs straight off the front and onto the stage.

    and if it has no handle bar, how does he go that fast?

  11. RobDubya says:

    There are Segways that are specifically hacked for use by steadicam operators. Link here

    Here is a link to a video of one being used with the equally cool MK-V AR rotating steadicam rig.

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