Getting local farmers' crops to restaurants using the internet

Alexis Madrigal:
FarmsReach wants to make ordering from local, small farms as easy and reliable as ordering from Sysco. Farmers with smartphones would snap quick photos of their produce, then upload their products into their "virtual stalls." Restaurants could cruise through the vegetables online and pick what they wanted. It's a classic farmer's market with a high-tech twist.
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3 Responses to Getting local farmers' crops to restaurants using the internet

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great… Now restaurants can order produce from ‘local’ farmers, who will proceed to deliver them in their pick-up truck or vans. That way they can produce as much CO2 as having the vegetables shipped from Peru, and at the same time charge gullible yuppies extra money for being “Green”.

    Sorry folks, it uses less fuel per kilo to ship produce from half way around the world via ship or train (which are extremely fuel efficient), then deliver it to the store/warehouse via semi truck (which has economies of scale). If you drive 10 minutes in your private automobile, for example, to buy local produce, you are producing more CO2 than if you biked or walked to a megamart and purchased something grown in New Zealand. This is, of course, ignoring the fact that most high-density urban areas don’t have enough nearby farmland for even a tiny percentage of the population to eat entirely local.

    Now, food delivered fresh from the farm does taste better… largely because it is so fresh. So local produce is a something that I enjoy. But people need to realize that if they don’t live in an agricultural area, that local produce is pretty much a luxury good without any ecological benefits.

  2. therevengor says:

    Finally! A way for me to put all that plastic fruit I’ve been amassing to work!

    Come here, plastic banana. It’s time for your close-up.

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    Uh, how do you think they get the food from the ports to the local supermarkets? Here’s a hint: It’s not by train.

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