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Recently on Offworld, One More Go columnist took a longer look at Jason Rohrer’s famed five-minute memento mori art game Passage (above), to get “ammunition needed to convince yet another friendly, clever, skeptical non-gamer about the potential of the medium.”

We also saw the first stirring of an El Lissitzky-inspired grainy constructivist 2D platformer (!), found out that Left 4 Dead‘s Francis hates everything that everybody on Twitter hates, saw Street Fighter deconstructed, and spotted LucasArts vet/Double Fine founder Tim Schafer putting in another tour de force acting performance alongside Jack Black.

Finally, we spotted Super Mario Bros 2 in horrible hyper-real life, watched a long preview of the upcoming labor struggles in Minotaur China Shop creators’ next game, Crane Wars, and watched two brilliant short films made in 50×50 pixels, and saw the Famous Monsters of LittleBig-land.

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