Videos: HOWTO Make Latte Art

The World Latte Art Championship is in a month. Better get practicing. Here's how to make "The Indian." More after the jump..."The Bear" "The Rabbit" "The Heart" "The Swan" "The Tornado" "The Tulip" "The Butterfly" "The Phoenix" "The Rosetta"
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5 Responses to Videos: HOWTO Make Latte Art

  1. strider_mt2k says:


    Do a Cocopeli!

  2. swag says:

    @ Randalll:
    If you can get an ink jet printer to do it, it really isn’t rocket science:

  3. swag says:

    Good god. People do this in pen and ink and nobody gives a damn. But do it in coffee and foam and people wet themselves.

  4. randalll says:

    Maybe because it’s harder to do in coffee and foam than with pen and ink?

    I don’t know what all this hubbub is about the Mona Lisa, the camera on my phone takes a perfect reproduction of it without all that paint and brush nonsense.

  5. Erik says:


    Yeah, I can get an ink jet printer to do a lot of things, too bad you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Go buy an espresso machine, see how long it takes for you to learn how to even make decent foam, then, once you’ve accomplished that, go ahead and try to make something visually attractive with it.

    I’ve worked at a coffee shop for five years, and I’ve sold paintings I’ve made (which doesn’t really mean they were good, or made with skill, but SOMEONE thought so, I suppose…) and I can easily say that working in coffee and milk is far more difficult than canvas and paint, or pen & pencil with paper.

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