Eucalyptus ebook reader app allowed on iTunes

Proving that the best way to publicity for your iPhone app is to have one of the prudish worrywarts that attend Apple's iTunes proving grounds ban your application, the ebook app "Eucalyptus" has been sheepishly led into the App Store after all. Good news all around the the developer, who now is left with only the challenge of explaining to the public why they should pay $10 for an ebook app when Stanza is available for free. (Here's a starter: Amazon, makers of the Kindle ebook device, as well as a free iPhone ebook reader, recently acquired Lexcycle, makes of Stanza. So if you'd like to support an independent developer until his company is acquired...)
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5 Responses to Eucalyptus ebook reader app allowed on iTunes

  1. ethanol says:

    What? eReader has free books. When you go to the menu for adding a book, it asks you what site to use; click “”.

  2. Anonymous 167 says:

    Heh. My only complaint with Eucalyptus is that it’s Gutenburg only. There are a lot of good books in PG, to be sure, but less of the things that I read, which happens to be primarily sci-fi.

    Other than that, it’s far and away the best ebook reader on the iPhone, period. Yes, Stanza is good, and supports a lot of books/formats/etc,

    but the UI is amazing, the formatting is spectacular, the controls and layout are extremely polished, and if you want to nicely read books on the iPhone a great deal, you can’t go wrong.

    I hear people complaining about the price, but this is a spectacular effort and well worth the price of admission, plus, 30% of the proceeds go to the Project Gutenberg fund.

    But free is free and people want things for nothing.

    Disclaimer: I am not associated with Stanza, Eucalyptus, Apple, Amazon, and the like.

  3. ethanol says:

    eReader is also free, as far as I can tell it has just as many books available, and I slightly prefer its user interface to Stanza.

    I’m glad to hear Apple reversed themselves on Eucalyptus, but no way am I paying $10 for it.

  4. Alan says:

    eReader doesn’t have any free books, and while Stanza also has titles for sale, it also allows easy access to free catalogs, such as Guttenberg. I agree; I’m glad Eucalyptus made it in, but when I found Stanza, well…

    Maybe they should start with a couple bucks.

  5. Daz says:

    Before judging, have a look at the presentation of the app at

    Most people won’t notice anything special and will simply see what looks like a well-designed and well-integrated book reading app. But as an iPhone developper, I’m totally amazed by what makes this app so “evident” and the attention to details that was paid. The programmer behind Eucalyptus is clearly not here for quick cash and cr*pware, but rather took his time to polish everything, from the realistic page flipping effect (which ain’t pre-rendered like classics’) to what looks like a perfect text layout engine.

    I still didn’t buy it, but will and I hope that it’s gonna be a great success. I’m tired of the cr*pware thing.

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