Video Gallery: Bridge Jumping Looks As Crazy As It Is

The Ikari contest held in Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina, is touted as the world's oldest bridge diving competition. Construction on the city's Old Bridge, a 456-stone structure, was completed in 1566. At the time the Old Bridge was annihilated during the war in 1993, the Ikari had been held for 438 consecutive years. The bridge was eventually rebuilt in 2004 (with help from the UN). Since then, some 30,000 people turn out every summer to watch people descend 70 feet into the waters below; watch a perfect swan dive in slow motion at 00:37. Of course, you don't need a contest or huge audience to leap off a bridge with no ropes, bungee cords, harnesses, or nets! An assortment of videos, including a car chase that leads to a bridge jump, after the, uh, jump..."Shit! That's fucking ridiculous!" I don't speak German, but my guess is they're saying "We should totally remix this footage with 'Eye of Tiger'" We need a (Yugoslavian) montage A legit gainer A legit back flip A double back flip Some ladies love bridge jumping Some ladies love filming bridge jumping "You're a crazy, crazy man" An arch jump An attempted get-away!
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One Response to Video Gallery: Bridge Jumping Looks As Crazy As It Is

  1. samuel says:

    I’ve learned to never jump off a bridge after seeing a few accidents on liveleak..

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