Get This Guy To Finish His Laser-Cut Gingerbread Bridge

laser ginger2.jpg
Instructables user rstraugh is building a kick-ass model of the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin out of gingerbread, using an Epilog Laser. So far, the project looks awesome, but he says he probably won't finish it until next Christmas. :(
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4 Responses to Get This Guy To Finish His Laser-Cut Gingerbread Bridge

  1. O_M says:

    …This has to be a punchline for a new joke about witches and ducks floating on top of Hansel & Gretel :-P

  2. Johnson Yip says:

    Pretty good look Ginger Bread Bridge. I’m not sure it will taste too good if it is finish by Christmas.

  3. yeags says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want to eat year-old gingerbread, unless you like breaking teeth. Expensive cookie cutter!

  4. merreborn says:

    Got to play with an Epilog Laser at TechShop night before last. What a cool toy.

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