HOWTO Build a Rope Bridge

bridge scout.jpg
A small rope bridge can be assembled in 30-45 minutes. I've never built one, but I sure want to try. Glenn Cockwell's Scouting Bridge guide seems like enough to get a beginner going. If you have any tips, suggestions or resources of your own, let me know. [photo by Antonio Jiménez Alonso via Kees Jan Koster NEW image via Sir Garlichad]
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4 Responses to HOWTO Build a Rope Bridge

  1. grimc says:

    ‘K, not really a “rope” bridge, but I saw a show this weekend about the Japanese invasion of Malaysia and how their engineers dealt with crossing the rivers that the Brits had blow up the bridges for. They wanted to keep the advance moving, so the engineers used rope, logs and planks to create the surface which troops could cross, but stood in the rivers themselves to play the role of pylons (with the logs and planks on their shoulders). They could put up one of these “bridges” in minutes.

  2. Imran says:

    These bridges are dead simple, and dead fun to make. I’ve never used one across a ‘real’ canyon that I couldn’t just walk over, but the principle is sound. Also, if you don’t want to carry the spars over the gap / river, and you can find long spars for one side you can do with only one set. Just anchor everything using a strong tree on the other side.

  3. akbar56 says:

    Having built numerous rope bridges back in my Scouting days (before it was taken over by the Mormons and began witch hunting gays.)

    I don’t have any other tips that aren’t offered in that instructions you linked to. It’s just sad you didn’t use an actual picture of the same kind of rope bridge for this post.

  4. Steven Leckart says:

    @Akbar56: Fair enough. New image on the way.

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