Morning tech deals highlights

ePaper eBook – Ectaco jetBook JB5W-EN eBook Reader for $170, shipped. It's pretty ugly, but it has a five-inch ePaper screen and support for a lot of different formats, including .pdf, Mobi, and Epub. Don't take this as an endorsement, though—I've never even heard of it. [Dealhack] ⌦ Hard Drives – Dell Small Business is selling two Seagate 7200.11 1.5TB SATA internal hard drives for $198, shipped. My NAS screams for sustenance. [Dealnews] ⌦ LED Faucet – You know how every time we talk about a fancy new faucet people say, "Well, the light that shows you if it's hot or cold is useful"? You can buy this simple screw-on version for $7, shipped. [Dealnews] ⌦ Fake Mustaches – 12-pack of fake mustaches for $2.61, shipped. [Dealnews] ⌦ Wallet Tool – 11-in-1 Wallet Survival Tool for $3, shipped. [Dealnews] ⌦ Flip Mino – Today's Woot is a refurbished Pure Digital Mino 60 Minute Camcorder for $95.
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12 Responses to Morning tech deals highlights

  1. Ecato says:

    The Ectaco jetBook is NOT e-ink, it is just a non-backlit LCD screen, like on an old Palm Pilot. That is why it’s so cheap. While it looks similar to e-ink from the front (and refreshes much faster) it doesn’t have the complete viewing angle that e-ink does.

    Not worth it.

  2. gramiq says:

    More cheap hard drives — meh.

    LED thingamabob — yawn.

    FAKE MUSTACHES!! My kind of gadget!!

  3. monopole says:

    From the product page of the jetBook

    “jetBook uses a huge, state-of-the-art 5-inch VGA reflective monochrome screen”

    for $100 I’d be very interested, but at $169 a refurbed EEE would be better.

  4. Brandon West says:

    I still don’t understand how a light to indicate the temperature is useful. Seems about as useful as beer cans that change color when they’re cold, in case, you know, you have no frontal lobe and don’t think to feel the can.

    Those fake mustaches are hard to pass up though.

  5. twofedoras says:

    I just got a Drobo and their support team was telling me they had a lot of trouble with the seagate 1.5TB drives going to sleep and spinning down, so they do not recommend them. the other speeds of seagate are great though, so no general knock against seagate.

  6. dculberson says:

    Ectaco sounds like something I do not want to order from the Latino food truck.

  7. dculberson says:

    Monopole, it is an eInk screen, which is completely different from an LCD and is much more comfortable to read. I can’t vouch for the quality of the rest of the unit, though.

  8. geekpdx says:

    The LED faucet blows goats. Don’t waste your money unless you like changing watch batteries and having a crappy and clog-prone tap.

    Of course, it’s cool for the first week – but you’re turning down the lights in the kitchen so you can see your new toy. Pfffft.

  9. wastrel says:

    The faucet thing seems like a great idea to me, as the parent of a small child. She’s tall enough now to be able to reach the faucet and we are worried she might burn herself. Red for hot would be a good indicator.

    The battery thing is my concern, would be cool if it generated power from a little turbine inside the device – no batteries needed…

  10. Brandon West says:

    @Wastrel – You can put up all the warnings and lights you want, but until the kid burns her hand, they don’t mean anything. Somehow we’ve managed for years with neither LED temperature indicators nor an abundance of horrible hand scalding injures. Is hot versus cold something you really need tech to help teach your child?

  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh man I’m going to have to lay off the tech deals for a little bit.
    I just spent way too much money on a gaming mouse.

    It’s an awesome mouse, but laid my toy budget flat for little while.

  12. monopole says:

    Actually, no.

    While the Kindles, The Sony PRS units, Iliad and Bookeen units all employ Electrophoretic eInk displays, the jetBook employs a TFT reflection mode LCD w/o backlight. Pretty much the same as older palms had. That means long battery life and sunlight readability, with fast update and no black paging like eInk, but not the paper like appearance and exceedingly low power drain of Electrophoretic displays.

    Check out this review for the details:

    Not bad but know what you are buying

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