Mad Money: Is Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee batshit a fox?

Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee, on stage at the D7 conference along with Palm's Jon Rubinstein, as transcribed by Joshua Topolsky: ⌦ "This product has the best alien technology." ⌦ "And it eats iPhones for breakfast!" ⌦ "It'll be at precisely 4:20." McNamee was responding to Walt Mossberg's question about an earlier boast about when iPhone users would switch to Pre. Later, in another non sequitur: "4:20 in the afternoon." ⌦ "It has a mirror on the back... there's never been a phone like this for women before." ⌦ "Show of hands in here, was anyone offended by me talking about a mirror?" ⌦ On an "express line" for iPhone customers: "Yeah, outside the rings of Saturn." ⌦ "If I were RIM or Apple, I wouldn't worry about it. In America you're not going to pay so much of a premium to get a smartphone that you can justify not getting one." An executive in charge of millions of dollars in venture capital likes to make marijuana jokes. I can't tell if I love him or simply think he's fantastic. If anything, it gives me hope that I will be able to become a powerful Valley exec and still do boatloads of drugs, even while I'm on stage.
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