PSP Go "revealed early"

From Gamespot:
A YouTube video of what appears to be the next issue of the PlayStation-focused video magazine Qore has revealed that Sony will use its event to unveil a new PSP model, the PSP Go. Sony is expected to unveil the PSP Go at its press conference Tuesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As had been widely rumored, the PSP Go will have a sliding form factor like the Mylo, Sony's ill-fated Internet communicator device.
Here's our preliminary review: "Excellent hardware, but...."

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8 Responses to PSP Go "revealed early"

  1. musicalwoods says:

    That looks like a horrible design. My hands cringe at the thought of holding that.

    …and still no second nub. Fail.

  2. J France says:

    Yeah – for fuck, Sony.

    We’ve seeen enough re-packaged PSPs.

    You are happy enough to throw out PS2 emulation for the PS3 – for the future’s sake, no less (well, and profits)… so do it again.

    No one cares about UMD games, no-one has any.

    The homebrew diehards won’t be buying it, either. So make a new fucking market and use non-proprietary hardware for games, already.


    Please excuse my swearing. I feel it is warranted.

  3. RedShirt77 says:

    from the video the second analog was left out because they more or less want this to be the PSP only with flipdown and harddrive. No real word on touchscreen.

    When will sony learn that the old product with bluetooth, graphics upgrade, and less games is not a new product that many are willing to buy.

    Sure a GT and a metal gear will get you somewhere but those franchises are being killed off by the poorly selling systems.

  4. SeppTB says:

    I’d have to agree, missing out on the chance to add dual-analog seems foolish. I don’t mind the design so much, but, wtf?

  5. Agies says:

    @1 There’s no second analog nub because it’s still just a PSP and not a new system (games still have to be designed to work with the older models)

    This brings up my main problem (even bigger than the cramped design) which is the fact that it’s still just a PSP. Sony should have bitten the bullet and made a PSP2. They are so far behind the curve that they should be looking towards the future rather than trying to salvage profitability with digital downloads.

  6. RagManX says:

    I’m just puzzled by the name. The PSP Go? Was the previous PSP just not portable enough? Does this new name indicate this one is easier to carry around than the old one? Did I miss something about this that makes the name make sense?

  7. Thomas Walters says:

    When I heard Sony was making a new PSP, i was very excited! Then I saw it for the first time. The design of the system looked bad, but if that was the worst part i could get over it. But as we all know things got worse.

    A smaller screen, with no touch screen, no second analog stick. Is it me, with just those three things, I could tell this was a bad idea. Then you top it off with the No UMD, pre-installed 16 gig memory because you have to download all your games now.

    Then there is the $250 prices tag. Why would anyone pay more for less. Yes you have the pre-installed memory, and the retarded “sence me” (which could be something you can download from the online store) Feature, but you lost so much more.

    At this point it too late, but this system will fail. I know representives in store like Gameswap and Game Stop and Game crazy where they are telling people not to buy the system. This system will kill the biggest support the game industies have.

  8. strider_mt2k says:

    I’d only want it to be a PMP and play retro stuff on, and let’s face it:
    My 83-dollar Dingoo A320 already has that locked up.

    Mine is clearly lacking the wiz-bang, but also the ball and chains. -and i already know where to find plenty of content.

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