Official: not coming to Zune

Despite both Zune and now sharing space on the Xbox, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to BBG that will not be coming to the Zune platform.
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3 Responses to Official: not coming to Zune

  1. MosesMonster says:

    What? Does that make sense? I was hoping that my zune software would FINALLY be able to sync and scrobble with Last.FM. Well, back to dreaming I guess.

    Any hints that it might be coming? Or are they just trying to pump their own Social.

  2. Chevan says:

    There’s no official support, but there are third-party programs that can grab played tracks and scrobble them to Zenses is the name, I think.

  3. Machiventa says:

    Too bad, I was hoping they would’ve officially supported but that would conflict with the social, oh well.

    Yep Zenses will scrobble the device plays and now Zuse scrobbles the Zune software:

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