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Sony's PSP Go cuts the original's obsolete UMD optical drive and compacts the design into a pocketable gadget that resembles the Mylo (And one other.) According to the leaked details, it'll have a 3.8" display, 16GB of flash storage, a Memory Stick slot, and Bluetooth. It'll be "43 percent lighter" than the current PSP, support handset tethering, and integrate well with Sony's PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network. New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid titles will launch it. Engadget rounds up the news on the clearly-improved refit. A gallery of press shots, published at Eurogamer, follows.

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9 Responses to PSP Go Details

  1. Aaron says:

    Stick a thumbboard on that thing and you’ve got the form factor for a killer mobile email and web device.

  2. Buy PSP Go says:

    A second analog stick would work wonders for the PSP Go popularity but for some reason Sony seem unwilling to add one.

  3. dculberson says:

    The quality of the plastic casting of the bezel looks horrible in the first shot. Most of the shots show it as matte and it looks okay, but that one is glossy and lumpy as all get-out.

  4. dculberson says:

    Oops, I didn’t mean to sound so negative. I’m not in the target market, the newest portable I’ve owned being a Genesis Nomad, but this looks to be a step in the right direction. Now encourage homebrew instead of fighting it and you’ve got a winner!

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    It’s possible that first shot is from a sample, maybe? Molding glossy plastic is hard, but glossy plastic is cheap, so it’s what production samples of external hard drives and phones and so on often come made of.

  6. brianary says:

    Do people use Memory Sticks? Haven’t SD cards become ubiquitous?

  7. Rob Beschizza says:

    As proprietary annoyances go, Memory Sticks aren’t top of the list. Just letting go of UMD is a massive leap forward for Sony!

  8. RedShirt77 says:

    How long has it been since select buttons actually selected things?

    I have to say that as much as everyone’s first comment is, “why no second analog nub?” it is an issue for me.

    I own a PSP and an I touch. If this lil guy isn’t going to support FPS in a better way (what could easily best portable FPS ever), then why would I buy it?

    I already have everything this thing has to offer.

  9. Marlet says:

    I hope this is a big success it looks amazing, sure it will get the hackers going crazy though with a new project too
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