San Francisco's solar-powered bus shelter

That there's a solar bus shelter, it is, the first in San Francisco. Mike Chino took a look:
Situated at Geary and Arguello boulevards in the Richmond District, the new bus shelter features an undulating solar roof that calls to mind both the hills of San Francisco and a seismic wave (this is earthquake territory after all!) The roof is constructed from an innovative 40% post-industrial recycled polycarbonate material embedded with thin-film photovoltaic cells, and the steel structure is composed of 75% recycled material. The shelter also features a pushbutton update system, more room for transit information, and is expected feed back energy into the city's electrical grid.
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4 Responses to San Francisco's solar-powered bus shelter

  1. Wohksworth says:

    Hey, wait, that’s my catch-the-38 stop! Whenever did that happen?

  2. David B. says:

    Maybe they could work on getting back farther from the exhaust rich street… the overly raw looking bus stop lives on, productively feeding the power grid energy whilst the passengers develop asthma, eh?

  3. cinemajay says:

    This is a great concept. I’d like to see it used here in the Twin Cities where they’re considering making people pay to run street lights.

  4. Ben says:

    Psh, ours is much cooler.

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