Swarvoski Snare

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  1. Tim says:

    It does look great but I can’t help but feel it’s slightly over the top! Does anyone know how much this is worth?


  2. l'angeloso mysterioso says:

    they got Gibson and Sennheiser to agree to this, but the best they could do in drums was DW?!

    for those who are unfamiliar, DW is a “Guitar Center” brand–by which I mean that such drums are really only purchased by kids who buy drum kits at big-box hobby musician retailers like Guitar Center. the DW company isn’t directly affiliated with GC, I don’t think.

    this is why, of all people, Tommy Lee is the chosen recipient of this set and matching snare–he’s already DW’s one token famous paid endorser. (Neal Peart of Rush used to be it, but not anymore.)

  3. hokano says:


    Have they encrusted a large pile of horse excrement yet?

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