Helly Hansen Ocean Racing Suit

The Helly Hansen Ocean Racing Suit is the sort of gear you'd want to be wearing as you surfed across the ocean where no mere wetsuit could protect. And for the off-shore racers that wear it, that's basically what they're doing, with boats that are little more than giant surfboards with sails. Three large for this survival suit, but that's not much of a price to pay for staying warm on deck—and alive in the thermovampiric North Sea. [via Cool Hunting]
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One Response to Helly Hansen Ocean Racing Suit

  1. schmod says:

    I’ve sailed in the North Sea (off of Scotland) in a wetsuit. It’s really not that bad.

    Most drysuits will also run you a lot less than 3 grand.

    Small sailboat racing is fun! You should try it.

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