Programmer Hanging 10 On a KUKA Robot

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9 Responses to Programmer Hanging 10 On a KUKA Robot

  1. Black Jack says:

    This is just one step away from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

  2. euthanaut says:

    That robot looks bored.

  3. igpajo says:

    You can just see the robot thinking “All I’d have to do is twitch and they’d be scraping this dork from the ceiling.”

  4. bnoice says:

    Kuka robots are used in lot’s of applications, and at my company for warehousing operations. This looks like a very not-approved-by-OSHA application …

  5. devophill says:

    I don’t see any ten being hanged…

  6. fotografia ślubna says:
  7. Lobes says:

    Kook alert, There was no hanging ten in that video. Hanging Ten means having all ten toes hanging over the tip of the board/robot

  8. kaiza says:

    That guy needs to get out to a beach so he can get some sunlight.

    Also, I’m thinking this would make for an awesome Back To The Future Hoverboard ride.

  9. dculberson says:

    Great, now it knows how to surf. Good job; we can’t even take to the oceans to get away from the robot overlords.

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