QWERTY bike grips

When I was a small child, I really liked BMX Bandits. Later, I liked computers. If only I'd had these to segue my interests as a nipper. [Product Page via Wired and Art of Trackstand]

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7 Responses to QWERTY bike grips

  1. bbonyx says:

    I miss the days of the early 80’s when saying “My Oakleys” meant your grips rather than your sunglasses.

    /Oakley 3s (Diamond Back Med Pro)
    /Oakley 5s (Torker)
    /Now just Oakley Wire Es (My face)


  2. jwz says:

    I would buy these if they were in fact QWERTY (and UIOP). They’re not. The keys spell out the manufacturer’s name instead. That’s totally weak.

  3. BMX says:

    If you’re into BMX, these are actually pretty funny. They are made by Odyssey and are Aaron Ross’ pro model grips. Aaron is know for making some hard tricks look easy – like he’s got a button on his bike he just presses. If you look there are buttons for ‘whip’ (as in tailwhip), spin (as in 360) and ‘hop’ (as in bunnyhop). No, I don’t work for Odyssey, but do respect Aaron cause that dude shreds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGMdBNOcbYA&feature=related (quality is low). Wild to see BMX on BoingBoing…

  4. Micheal Kelly says:

    Steve Roberts (the guy who rode across the US on a several bikes decked out with serious computer gear in the 80s) built a functional chording keyboard into his handlebars so he could write while riding:


  5. retrocyclist says:

    The talk about oakley bike grips has given me a great idea for a feature on Retro Cycling Vintage . A bit of fact finding is needed on both the early factory pilot glasses and more importantly the Oakley grips. I wonder if they’d ever consider making them again?

  6. concrete_jungler says:

    I’ll ditto JWZ on that one. Its like “my adidas, psych!” Slightly disappointed. Won’t be rocking these on the bike polo court.

  7. aalas says:

    I happend upon this artilce durring my daily BMX Google news search. I hate to burst you bublle but these grips have been out for about 2 years now. Of course I’m useally behind on my tech news. But I suppose as a 36 year old father of two who still rides “kids” bikes i should be flattered. cheap cigarettes

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