Video: Aerial of a BIG Wave Ride

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5 Responses to Video: Aerial of a BIG Wave Ride

  1. hokano says:

    Holy frackin’ crap, indeed!

    About soiled my trousers just *watching* that!

  2. dculberson says:

    Holy crap!! I was going to make some borderline humorous reference to Point Break, but that was really impressive. I can’t believe he survived that.

  3. patrick says:

    Anyone who digs this video should check out the documentary “Riding Giants”. Excellent.

  4. canadiantourism says:

    YouTube is a phenomenal resource for inspiring and quirky surfing videos. Canadian Tourism put together this brief film on river surfing the standing wave at Habitat ’76 on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec. It’s a quirky, irreverent peek at the lengths to which surf fiends will go to catch a wave. Have a look!

  5. artbot says:

    I second the “Riding Giants” recommendation. Great movie.

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