iRex: "Magazine Quality" color e-readers by 2011

In a PDF press release (PDF Warning: PDF) posted to the MobileRead forums by user HarryT, iRex lays out plans to issue color e-Readers within the next couple of years.
"The ultimate goal of an electronic paper display is to mimic the appearance of pigment on paper. This means more than just bright color, the reflection also has to be diffuse," explained Henzen. "iRex's subtractive color mixing technology will allow us to produce a wide range of colors in high resolution to deliver magazine‐quality color to our e‐reader customers.
Holy grail of digital publishing ahoy! But will it fold? Or, for that matter, stop the vinegar leaking out? [via Slashgear]

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5 Responses to iRex: "Magazine Quality" color e-readers by 2011

  1. tiffany27 says:

    Wow – what a neat gadget. I love stuff like this I have a live tv football premiership and we all have small tvs kinda like that. I will definitely get one of these, I didnt like the non color readers very much.

  2. lumpi says:

    For me, the holy grail has always been being readable in the sun. That goes beyond “anti-glare”. It has to compete with (or better – use) direct sunlight, which still seems to be a problem with even the best of modern displays.

  3. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    “But will it fold?”

    ..or blend.

  4. susana44 says:

    I agree that it is about time we have a color reader. I work for a rome luxury hotels italy and I need a good reader that I can see in the sun. Hopefully I can get one very soon to see how well it works!

  5. johnny21 says:

    I think color readers would be awesome! I make printed circuit boards and many people love them. I think this would get the same results. I would actually by a reader if I could get a good color one!

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