Number-two MP3 player maker declares, "You can't out-iPod the iPod"

So is SanDisk sitting pretty? Not really. While Harari's flash evangelism has yielded some impressive results, it hasn't addressed his main challenge: SanDisk's core flash memory business is dizzyingly volatile. Because so many companies manufacture flash storage chips, and because the fast-evolving technology has a brief shelf life, the flash market lately has suffered gut-wrenching price swings and whipsawed SanDisk's stock price in its wake.
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One Response to Number-two MP3 player maker declares, "You can't out-iPod the iPod"

  1. douchesniper says:

    Funny company. They make tons of money off of their NAND patents and also get a sweetheart deal from Samsung on flash chips from that licensing but then turned up their noses and refused to pay the MP3 patent licenses for their players. In think given those data points you can dismiss anything their senior management says unless it is under oath with personal liability.

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