Sony Ericsson's W995a gets first look

Engadget Mobile gets hands-on with Sony Ericsson's W995a cell phone. "What exactly does $600 buy you these days?" asks Chris Ziegler. And the answer is "a hell of a device," so long as you don't want a smartphone.

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One Response to Sony Ericsson's W995a gets first look

  1. zuzu says:

    the answer is “a hell of a device,” so long as you don’t want a smartphone.

    If only there was a smartphone that could double as a good 8MP camera (or even 5MP camera) the way the W995A or C905 do.

    These are also the smartest dumbphones there are. I know the C905 has GPS, WiFi, and can provide maps and navigation. (It’ll also geotag your photos… something most standalone cameras still don’t do.) It provides wireless uploading of photos and movies to Flickr, Facebook, etc. It has a web browser, and I think it even does email in addition to MMS and SMS.

    I’m just curious how much longer until the C905 is available from T-Mobile using the AWS 3G frequencies and renamed to CS8.

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