Greenheart: Sony Ericsson's "environmentally friendly" cell phone

The C901 GreenHeart is a cellphone not visually dissimilar to Sony Ericsson's usual fare: a sleek candybar design, metal-silver, with the house's distinctive 1980s look. It differs in that the pitch centers around GreenHeart, an ad campaign that seeks to establish serious environmental credibility. Part handset recycling program, part a promise to make its products "the greenest headsets on the market," GreenHeart means, in practice, that you don't get a physical manual, the case is made of 50 percent recycled material, and it uses a light sensor to manage display brightness. It ships with a similarly made headset, and the paints used are nontoxic. The C901 is a GSM/EDGE/HSPA phone with a five megapixel camera, Xenon flash, instant web-uploads and picture blogging on shot, Bluetooth, Google Maps and geotagging. It has a 240x320 pixel display, 120MB of RAM, Memory Stick Micro support, and is 13mm thick. Its sister model, Naite, has a two megapixel camera and less memory, but replaces the Memory Stick with MicroSD (!) and shall also come in "Ginger Red." Giant photos after the jump.

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7 Responses to Greenheart: Sony Ericsson's "environmentally friendly" cell phone

  1. Marlet says:

    Geez, i didnt even think phones were that bad to being with, good to know sony are looking to create a better environment, although they always have the profit motive behind it
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  2. Mo says:

    @MN_CAMERA, people like you are really annoying when you do that.

    The whole green issue is pretty much a marketing thing thesedays, but atleast it’s a step in the right direction I agree.

    However if sony wanted they could make most if not all of their phones green, why just this ? Like a restaurant which caters for vegetarians; this just caters for the genuine green voters and the “look i’m cool coz i’m green” wagon jumpers.

  3. towlemonkey says:

    Ugghh! Sick to death with the whole green marketing thing. I’m to the point where I almost refuse to buy something that’s marketed as green. Yes. I think it’s great that something is designed to have less of an environmental impact, but it all seems suspiciously disingenuous to me. “Hey, let’s a be a little less wasteful and market ourselves as being actually good for the environment. Those stupid consumers will eat it right up!” You know what’s pretty much the antithesis of “Green” (other than red)? Planned obsolescence. The same companies that market “Green” products know that their goal of an ever-increasing profit-margin and strong quarterly showings is dependent on customers needing to buy a new version of their product a couple of years down the road.

  4. towlemonkey says:


    That depends on your color model. Try not to be so pedantic. People will like you more.

  5. zuzu says:

    ts sister model, Naite, has a two megapixel camera and less memory, but replaces the Memory Stick with MicroSD (!)

    Sony Ericsson ditching Memory Stick Micro cards in favor of MicroSD (Engadget)


    (Also, there are microSD-to-Memory Stick adapters for all the other sizes of Sony memory cards. Effectively, there’s no need to buy Sony’s proprietary memory format ever again.)

  6. mn_camera says:

    @ Towlemonkey:

    The opposite of green is in fact magenta. Go find a vectorscope.

    Oh, looks like a nice phone…

  7. SimeonW says:

    I agree with TOWLEMONKEY, but at least this is a step in the right direction. I mean, the greenest option is to wait until you see someone to talk to them.

    What are the chances that this phone will find a US carrier? I have seen quality Sony-Ericsson phones come and go over the years, the best of which never seem to make it here. I realize that I could buy them unlocked, but the unsubsidized prices have been prohibitive. The problem has been that the carriers here want to sell data plans, so a kickass music or camera phone doesn’t have an appeal to them. Hopefully AT&T or T-Mobile will want to get in on that green angle, or just want a camera phone with geotagging so they can sell the data plan to people like me who just want their phone to be a phone, but have kids so a camera is always useful.

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