Monkeylectric's "Full Color Persistence of Vision" Bike Wheel Video Display

Remember Star Simpson? We do (previous BB post here), and we think she's pretty great. Star emailed today and said,

I've been working at MonkeyLectric (the POV bike wheel makers, boingboing covered their very first stuff), and just finished this video of the latest wheel display at MonkeyLectric.
Specs: A 4-spoke 256 RGB LED system with stabilized images and video from 8 to 25 mph (12 to 40 km/h). Zigbee wireless control. More on the system at

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2 Responses to Monkeylectric's "Full Color Persistence of Vision" Bike Wheel Video Display

  1. Rtarara says:

    VERY COOL! Though I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon for $2000….my bike itself didn’t nearly that much.

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