Video: Palm Pre Unboxing (I know!)

If I ever needed a reminder of my place on the totem pole, Palm was happy to provide one. I just got my Pre review unit in the mail today. If you recall, all the big sites reviews went up Wednesday. It's a peculiar and humbling arrangement. On the one hand, it's nice to get a review unit. On the other hand, it leaves me with little to do or say that hasn't already been done or said. So excuse me while I flail about a bit, trying to discover if there's anything I have to offer to the world of Pre. Until I discover what that might be, I'm failing over to the most braindead of enthusiast blogger tricks: pulling shit out of a box on video. Surprisingly, there doesn't actually seem to be an unboxing video of the Pre yet. (Thank you to everyone on Twitter who are also offering up ideas. I like the idea of trying to use it in real life, especially while drunk. Which reminds me, Cruzan did send me a bottle of single-barrel rum to review, and it is Friday...) Also, this video quality is horrible! I don't know why. I probably have the ISO bumped up way too high. This is the sort of professionalism that gets you review units a week after everyone else.
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10 Responses to Video: Palm Pre Unboxing (I know!)

  1. Random_Tangent says:

    Do you need an assistant for the Rum review? I’m very talented.

  2. Brandon West says:

    When I was working at a radio station, all the promo material always had “property of such and such label” on it and they claimed it had to be returned whenever they asked. Of course, a gift confers no rights even if I did ask for the CDs, so that is not enforceable. The used CD shop didn’t seem to mind the stamps and warnings :P

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    You opened the Leatherman one-handed, so points for style there.

  4. hunter says:

    yes, but WILL IT BLEND??

  5. huntron says:

    yes, but WILL IT BLEND?

  6. fortybillion says:

    Drink the rum. The Cruzan single-barrel is exceptional.

  7. Agies says:

    Low enough on the gadget blog totem pole to get a preview Pre a week later than everyone else, but high enough on some other one to get sent free alcohol. That my friend is a difficult position to lament.

  8. Clay says:

    Ok, here’s something I haven’t read in any of the reviews:

    Is it possible to receive a file attachment through the e-mail client, save it in a common area, and then retrieve it over USB mass storage from a computer? That would be pretty much the next best thing to tethering.

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    How reviews work:

    1a. We ask for one.
    1b. They ask to send us one.
    2. It arrives and is reviewed.
    3. It is returned.

    3 is the interesting part. Some companies enforce it, with signed agreements: Palm, for example, wants its Pres back within 7 days.

    Others do the opposite to try and manipulate you: never outright bribery, but often passive aggressive things like sending send heavy gear unsolicited without a return shipping label.

  10. gramiq says:

    Query, because I don’t know how these things work:

    Do you actually sign up for review units? Or do they just get sent to you out of the blue?

    And again, just because I’m curious, not because I think there’s anything underhanded or nefarious going on, does Boing Boing (Gadgets) have a policy on reviews, review units, other swag, etc? Is it informal? Written? Seat of the pants? Sniff test?

    I’ll second the vote to drink the rum, although I do so green with jealousy. As to the Pre, I’m meh. Maybe you could see if it blends? Has that been done?

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