"Super Repo Men" steal jets back from the insolvent rich

Marc Weingarten:
Nick Popovich is a repo man, but not the kind that spirits away Hyundais from suburban driveways. Popovich is a super repo man, one of a handful of specialists who get the call when a bank wants back its Gulfstream II jet from, say, a small army of neo-Nazi freaks. For the past three decades, Popovich has been one of a secret tribe of big game hunters who specialize in stealing jets from the jungle hideouts of corrupt landowners in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil and swiping go-fast boats from Wall Street titans in Miami and East Hampton. Super repos have been known to hire swat teams, hijack supertankers and fly off with eastern bloc military helicopters. For a cut of the overall value, they'll repossess anything.
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5 Responses to "Super Repo Men" steal jets back from the insolvent rich

  1. Shelby Davis says:

    Movies!? Games!? Where’s the job application?

  2. O_M says:

    …I would actually pay to see a movie based on this. It sounds like a Repo Man take on Salvage One!

  3. Clay says:

    A movie based on this would be very cool. A game based on this would be simply awesome. Imagine something along the lines of Splinter Cell, only with the added challenge of more nonlethality. And the stealing of private jets.

  4. HeatherB says:

    I agree with both of you. Just reading it made me feel all adventurous inside.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “hijack supertankers”

    So it’s like piracy, but without all those annoying little moral complications? Cool.

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