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Recently on Offworld, we wrapped up some of the final stragglers of E3 that went under-covered in the days before: primarily the first video of Microsoft's Natal-enabled virtual friend Milo, from Fable producer Peter Molyneux; the first true video of heartbreakingly gorgeous Shadow of the Colossus sequel The Last Guardian, the intergalactic void of WiiWare balance-puzzler You, Me and the Cubes; and Nintendo teasing the next Legend of Zelda for Wii. Indie developers got a good leg up as AdamAtomic -- creator of the recently covered indie game Fathom -- releases Flixel, his AS3 Flash libraries which vastly improve 2D game performance and include built in physics, spritesheet, sprite rotation, etc. support. We also found out why the silence surrounding long-anticipated indie iPhone puzzler Heroes & Villains, and saw Polytron's latest WIP peek at Fez. Finally, in celebration of 25 years of Tetris we watched the best documentary ever put together on the deep international political/business intrigue that rose up over Alexey Pajitnov's humble little game, listened to a fantastic cover of longtime Offworld favorite Magnetic Fields done all on Game Boy, saw BioShock's Andrew Ryan packing heat to putt, and, wonderfully, saw the first look at the Shadow of the Colossus DLC coming this week to LittleBigPlanet.

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