5 must-have geeky dog toys for geeky dogs

My dogs are stereotypical geeks. They're book smart, they obsess over trivia, and they can be socially awkward at times. If your dog is like mine and gets bored of ordinary cookies and chew toys within seconds, you should strongly consider getting them some, if not all, of these toys for geeky dogs. 1. Intellibone A plush bone with five donut rings around it. The dog has to try to get all the rings off the bone, one at a time. Difficulty: 5/5. Fun factor: 3/5
kong toy.png
2. Kong Toy The oldest geek dog toy on the market was invented in the 1970s by a Colorado man with a destructive German Shepherd. It's made of rubber, and has a cone-shaped orifice inside that fits things like treats and peanut butter. Difficulty: varies Fun factor: 5/5
everlasting treat.png
3. Everlasting treat dispenser series Refillable, squishy treat dispensers that hold a variety of cookies and proprietary all-natural disc-shaped chewy treats. At our house, we call them the blue thing and the orange thing. Difficulty: 3/5 Fun factor: 5/5
4. IQube A tri-colored 6x6x6 cube filled with little round squeaky toys that pups have to pull out. Kyjen has various iterations of this toy, including Hide-A-Squirrel, where the dog gets to smoke baby squirrels out of holes in a plush tree bark. Difficulty: 2/5. Fun factor: 3/5
tricky treat.png
5. Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball This thing teaches dogs how to roll things around directionally with their nose. The incentive = treats that only drop out of the core if they're positioned right. Difficulty: 4/5. Fun factor: 4/5 (See my dogs demo-ing some of these toys on YouTube.)

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9 Responses to 5 must-have geeky dog toys for geeky dogs

  1. Leah says:

    The only one of these that could last around my Rottweiler for more than 5 minutes is the Kong. Hands down. Every other toy she’s given is destroyed within minutes. Gotta love the fact that I live with the sweetest, fuzziest killer you could ever meet.

  2. You should have your dog try a Busy Buddy Twist n Treat. It is more versatil than a Kong because you can use a variety of treats in it. The more you twist it the harder it is for your dog to get the treats out. Plus, the space ship shape is pretty geeky.

  3. HowardsGrl says:

    I have terriers, which can tear up about anything and the Kong toys hold up good. We have one just like the picture above and that same co. makes other toys of that same durable material.

  4. Abbey says:

    Our ten month old black lab, Raven, decided that a better way to get the treats out of the Omega ball was to just chew through it. She is quite the toy destroyer – I look forward to seeing if she can destroy a Kong.

  5. surreality says:

    Yeah, I’ve had labs all my life, and the black lab was especially vicious with toys. in fact, until our most recent dog, we never bought any plush toys. However, the kong should hold your lab – I hope. I think I remember it being okay for our black lab. Tennis balls fared a worse fate…

  6. The Lizardman says:

    I grew up with very smart dogs, 20+ Siberian Huskies but currently only have ferrets – however, one of them loves dog toys (especially kongs) and she will successfully take them from dogs given the chance

  7. esworp says:

    While perhaps not a toy, and more of a exploitation thru technology tool. I have this:

    on ym dachshund, Tater. You can check out some of his photographs on my myspace image gallery at http://tinyurl.com/m4n7oz

    No, I’m not an upskirt pervy. Neither is tater.

  8. Matt J says:

    I’m not convinced that anything other the Kong toy and the treat dispensers would last more than a month with my dog. Even some rubber toys, he will systematically chew apart.

  9. RedShirt77 says:

    My mother has this dice for the family dogs. It requires that you flip it twice and then it spits out one treat. Our smartest dog is intent on that thing from the moment you load it up. But he is also a dog that learned to go get raw eggs out of the nest and turn them in to my mother in exchange for cooked eggs. It was hard for him to not break the shells, but he figured it out.

    I found this website that didn’t have that toy but had a few other dog puzzles.


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